Handcrafted jewelry

Jewelry Tapparini has the advantage of having a goldsmith workshop for the creation of unique and high quality handcrafted jewels.

In this way we can provide the customer with a complete service, starting from creation of a custom design in his presence (who knows how to respond to every specific need) to arrive at the finished product, to be worn.

Each jewel is regularly certified and followed also in the post-sale phase, thanks to ours cleaning, polishing and repair service.

In recent years we have also developed a branded fashion jewelry sector BAMBOO®: thanks to the use of metals and innovative techniques, we offer original collections for the youngest.

Diamonds and gems

Our division TAPPARINI "Diamond invest" makes available to the customer the experience gained in over fifty years in research, selection, certification and sale of diamonds and gems (rubies, emeralds, sapphires) of rare beauty. The diamond is the gem par excellence, and is distinguished by rarity, hardness, purity, color. That is why each requires not only a jeweler classification, but also one international certification unique and irreplaceable. With Jewelery Tapparini you can be on the safe side: all our diamonds and gems respect the Kimberley Process and are guaranteed by International Gemological Institutes. For diamonds:

  • GIA - Gemological Institute of America
  • HRD - Hoge Raad voor Diamant
  • IGI - International Gemological Institute

For the colored gems:

  • GRS - Gem Reserch Swisslab
  • AIGS - Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
  • GRL - Gem Reserch Laboratory
  • IGI - Italian Gemological Institute

Discover all ours hand-made jewels! 


Since 1957… we have been making unique and unmistakable jewels by hand.
Original designs to make every moment unforgettable.

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