About us

The history of our jewelry begins in 1957, when Silvano Tapparini takes over the ancient goldsmith's shop in Corso Porta Borsari and realizes his dream: to create personalized jewelry in its own laboratory in Verona.

Since then, with the help of his wife Maria and two sons Massimiliano and Stefano, the business has evolved over time, obtaining various international awards for jewelry design, but always maintaining that artisan spirit that has driven us, for over fifty years, to privilege the quality and uniqueness of ours handmade products instead of the big names of industrial production.

Behind every jewel Tapparini there is a journey, an experience, a story, which starts from the search for gems in their places of origin, passes through the study of design and arrives at the creation and certification of inimitable and high jewelry.

Put your jewelry for sale online they are of our production or of expert and qualified artisans.

Antiques and silverware

In our store they also find space antique jewelry e antique silver, coming from private collections and from the most renowned auction houses around the world.

Jewelry Tapparini is a reference point for those looking for unique and rare pieces such as:

  • original Art Deco platinum pins

  • bracelets and rings from the late 800s to 1940s

  • European and American silver

  • glass by great artists (Émile Gallé, René Lalique, Sabino, Baccarat)

  • high quality and ancient Russian icons

Are you looking for a particular antique object? Come and visit us in the shop or contact us here!


Since 1957… we have been making unique and unmistakable jewels by hand.
Original designs to make every moment unforgettable.

Corso Porta Borsari 12 - 37121 Verona IT

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